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So Cold...



I know this ain't one sided
You only lied once I did
They wanna know what's going on
I just reply that I'll live
You're getting questions from your best friends
But I know you stayed tight lipped
Till u caved and confided
And they still don't know who to side with


First time for everything I guess
This was the first time everything was blessed
I deliver like the post man but I need everything addressed
I'm so cold..

I didn't wanna cause no friction with you-
You're the one that I run to-
They're just the ones that I run tru..

Guess it was nothing to hide 'till it was something she hid...
She told me its "nothing, it's fine.." But it's something I did..
When you were far away that gave me something to miss
The law of attraction's really something legit
I'm tryna stay up-like I'm stuck in a lift
I need a house in the city ..And one in the sticks
But can't live with myself..who cares where I live.

I know you've been watching me closely
You saw my picture and her emoji..
I called you crazy
But baby low key
That's what I say when I get caught out
There's a whole 'nother side of you that I brought out
I'm responsible I know
I just wanted to ease you in
I never wanted to
rock-the-boat... can you see where I'm coming from?
I had issues you were
not to know - I apologise

I didn't wanna cause Friction with you
Cos I showed conviction with you
Being physical is too much too soon
But it never feels that way
n we'll never heal that way
But I'll stop second guessing you
If you stop second guessing me
I think I've got a remedy..can you separate your love from your jealousy?

Ohh...ohh..ohh.. baby


from CLOCKED, released April 8, 2017
Written and performed by Paris Solemn. Instrumental by Young Tarzan.




Paris Solemn UK

What do you get with 'Paris Solemn'?
As an artist I can be deep and shallow.. I guess that's being human.
I aim to transfer the energy of the song directly to you.

My sound is a mix of hip hop, rnb, and the indigenous London Sound 'Grime'.
There's a poetic streak running through all three. I have a story to tell and will tell it the best way
I can.

Paris Solemn aka the 'Poetic Pretty Boy'
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