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I was born with a second job..

Yeah i'm coming from THAT struggle

Where if you ain't known to man

you can hold a bang

Like how'd you like THAT cuddle?

This is way more than a rap hustle...



Respect Da Ting!

Listen up.

I was raised well
That don't mean that I won't raise hell.
I don't sell drugs so I might not sell
Couldn't care less! if you can't tell
Coolie Hair I don't need no gel
Styled like this they call me Miguel 
Yeah I got a spice n I call her Mel 
In your recent form all I see is L'S...
'Cos I was raised well not well off,
Yes-I found something I was set on and set off,
No-I ain't someone you can tell on or tell off,
Famalam I do not let on I let off
Call everyone's bluff I'm dead on I dead off
Call everyone blood, red on or red off
But know that Dark0's my brother, 
Fam I swear I that I could pull 'sen' off 

I was raised well not-dragged up
Trust Any funny biznezz gets flagged up 
lewisham road with man with a shank tucked-
That road next to the Tescos flats Bruv!
Joint enterprise coulda seen man banged up
Two hooded black boys weren't clocked that's...luck
Been riding my luck ever since
Guys wanna come in my face never flinch
I just switch never hint..
If I Fight for my life you can't live
I'm going..going..gone you can't bid
 hammers been brought down it is what it is
I was so grime I couldn't write a bridge..
Too much to live for couldn't Knife ya ribs
Don't say he never needed that fam he did! 
Man got a hiding then he hid...

Cos I'm from the square just not that circle
The Bad boy ting is dead,
I saw the bad boy ting i went left
Meaning - I did me instead
You can what you want in Jest 
I'll make you Eat your words ingest-
Me and my pen are best friends
But it's not far away its no pen friend!
I've Been on mic since Ant n Declan
Fake one tens in West-end
I'm a stand-up guy no question
I'm a stand-up guy no heckling
Bankrupt guys wanna add 2cents in 
Man are 2 faced on a Harvey Dent ting - 
I'm really a roll with all the de-friending! 

My name's Paris...I'm not P-money but I land on heads when i flip ...
32 waste men joined at the hip 
Buss blanks, must be the snip
You're not a bad boy not even a smidge
I'm going inside regardless 
I told them just let me do the tip
Because they weren't there when manny got ripped 
When I lit up the mic with a skank that's stiff
After which it's like which gal should I pick!?
I cross gal that's tick
Here's summa da Henny and coke for 
a sip
And These guys won't last very long so
I'm the battery life in a brick
And I heard about what they did -trust them  ....
don't trust them that's how it is
So many domestics where I lived 
Me I got nits I was friends with the kids
We yam the whole apple including the pips
Then i got government help for my kicks
And they tell me stay out of harms way
But that's my address, that's where I live.. 

See I'm not bad...my area is..

(Tell them straight)

I'm not bad...my area is...

I'm not bad...my area is...but I still have faith 


from CLOCKED, released April 8, 2017
Written and performed by Paris Solemn. Instrumental by Mr Fidget.




Paris Solemn UK

What do you get with 'Paris Solemn'?
As an artist I can be deep and shallow.. I guess that's being human.
I aim to transfer the energy of the song directly to you.

My sound is a mix of hip hop, rnb, and the indigenous London Sound 'Grime'.
There's a poetic streak running through all three. I have a story to tell and will tell it the best way
I can.

Paris Solemn aka the 'Poetic Pretty Boy'
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